Ali compares himself with Prince Mahesh

AliPopular comedian of Telugu film industry Ali has reportedly made controversial comments against Tollywood Prince Mahesh Babu after finding himself in the midst of a recent controversy.  He tried to compare himself with  Mahesh by drawing analogies to the controversy which is surrounding him. Ali had stirred up a hornet’s nest by publicly stating that he liked the hips of sexy actress Anushka Shetty during the audio release function of her upcoming movie ‘Size Zer’. However, the lewd comments of the actor did not go down well with the actor as he was not only reprimanded by the makers of the Size Zero movie but also by a young hero.

According to sources, the young hero warned the actor to desist from making such lewd comments against female actresses. Peeved at the warning received from the young hero, Ali reportedly confided in with his friends that attempts were made to tarnish his image for his comments which were made in a humorous manner.

Referring the comment made by Prince Mahesh Babu in one of his movies about the butts of a female actor, he said that no body found Mahesh’ comments offensive and added that his comments were being seen as offensive although they were made in jest. However, the film industry sources are saying that the comments made by Mahesh were part of a movie and citing that there is no comparison between the comments made by prince and Ali.

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