Asst. Professors posts to be filled post VCs appointments

logoThe much awaited posts of Assistant Professors will be filled after the long pending appointments of Vice Chancellors for various universities of the state. The state government has hinted at completing the VCs recruitment process by the end of this month. It is now reportedly in the process of constituting search committees for the appointment of the VCs to 14 universities of the state. Each Search Committee will have three members-one nominated by the state government, the other one nominated by the UGC and the third one nominated by the concerned university.

According to sources from the state government, many aspirants of the VC posts have already submitted their applications to the state government with a request to consider their name for the coveted posts. Some of them have even begun lobbying with the state cabinet ministers to ensure that they got the post. However, the state government has decided to not bow down to any kind of political pressure in the appointment of the VCs and give priority to the accomplishments and achievements of the applicants.

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