Center bans foreigners from availing Surrogacy in India

surrogacyThe Union government on Tuesday told Supreme Court that it would not allow foreigners to benefit from commercial Surrogacy. It said that it has decided to make the commercial surrogacy illegal in the country.  The government has made it clear that the Indian couples are entitled to avail the method to have children. The center had filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court. In the affidavit, it made it clear that it does not support commercial surrogacy.

The affidavit further said that the benefits of surrogacy would be extended to only infertile married Indian couple.  It added that the permission would be granted after determining the needs of the couple. An authority will be set up to see if the requests are genuine.

The affidavit further stated that the couples who fail to take the custody of of child born with disabilities of any type through surrogacy will be penalised. The decision of the center has deprived the foreign couples from visiting India to opt for surrogacy method to fulfill their dream of having children.

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