Cyber cop becomes the victim of a trickster!

phoneA cyber cop, who has acquired a good name in solving the cases related cyber world has himself become the victim of a cyber crime. A trickster has cheated the cop to the tune of Rs.60,000. The trickster had sent an sms to cop, who is workign as police constable in the cyber crimes department and told him that he had won Rs.2 lakh in a bumper draw conducted by a shopping mall. The trickster also told him that he had visited the shopping mall three days back to buy some clothes. As the cop had indeed visited the shopping mall, he believed the trickster and thanked him. The trickster hung up the phone and called the police constable. The trickster asked him to provide the details of debit card by promising to credit the winning Rs.2 lakh in his bank account directly. The police constable without any hesitation all the details of his debit card, expiry date and cvv number. The trickster hung up the phone by telling the constable that the amount was already credited into his account and asked him to tell the one time password (OTP). The cop did the same before telling bye to the trickster. Minutes later, he received a message from his bank stating that Rs.60,000 was withdrawn from his number. The trickster bought Rs.60,000 worth products from paytm. The cops have booked a case and launched an investigation.

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