Drunkard woman bites the throat of old lady in Hyderabad!

drunkardA drunkard young woman has bitten the throat of an old lady leaving her injured in state capital Hyderabad. The incident took place on near Indira Gandhi statue on Necklace road on Monday.  The unidentified woman suddenly came on road and started obstructing the speeding vehicles. An old lady, Vijaya, who was running push cart in the area tried to stop the drunkard woman. However, the woman got so angry that she started beating the old woman. She did not stop here. In a fit of rage, she also bit her throat. The drunkard also abused the onlookers when they tried to stop her. They immediately called up the cops and informed about the entire sequence of events. The cops rushed to the spot and apprehended the woman and took her to Saifabad police station. She was kept at the police station until she turned normal. Later, the woman was sent home by the cops after collecting her details. She was asked to turn up at the police station on the following day.

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