Editor’s take: Is it right to burst Lakshmi Bomb during Diwali?

A picture of the deity on the Lakshmi bomb

A picture of the deity on the Lakshmi bomb

Diwali festival is symbolic for the victory of good over evil. It’s a very big and colorful festival for all Hindus.  The festival is celebrated with great devotion and much fervor. However, Diwali festival also stands witness to dishonoring of Hindu Goddesses.

We decorate dolls and seek blessings of the Goddess.  It is good. But we are defiling Gods in the name of fireworks.  Important among the fire works is the Lakshmi Bomb. Many Hindu burst the Lakshmi bomb which carry the picture of  Goddess Lakshmi, who  get a special mention in Diwali rituals.  Nobody would object if we celebrate in the name of God.  But, it is absurd and weird that we are putting up the pictures of Goddess Lakshmi on the Fireworks. Such acts are hurting the sentiment of many.  Is burning the Goddess which we pray is justifiable? The bomb gets torn into pieces and get scattered all over the road and we walk over it. Is it an appreciable thing to do? But, this has been happening for years together.  Surprisingly,now, photos of Gods are being printed on other Fireworks also.

Who is responsible for this?

We all are responsible for this. Not only the manufacturers of the crackers, but those who buy and burst them are also responsible.

Those who are not questioning such acts are also responsible for the dishonoring of the deities. Let us feel responsible. Let us not wait hoping that somebody will come and change the system.  Let us try start this from our homes first and stop such evil practices.

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