KCR warns opponents  of suing them if they make baseless allegations against his Govt

kcr1Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao on Thursday warned his opponents that the state government would sue them and lodge cases if they made baseless allegation against it. Addressing a press conference after registering a thumping victory in Palair by-polls,  CM KCR responded seriously about the opposition parties and their leaders allegations. He said that the opposition leaders must double check their statements before making any allegations against the state government. He said that he would not keep mum if baseless and maligning allegations are made against the state government. “  Before making allegations be sure of what you say. If you make false allegations, they will land  you in troubles. We will file cases against such people,” he said. It is common among the political parties to make allegations against each other. But , CM KCR is creating a new trend by asking them to prove those allegations. This reminds us of a Telugu movie. In which late actor Sri Hari acted as police officer. In one of the scenes, he arrests Kota Srinivas rao who is an opposition leader and makes allegation against the CM.  After the arrest, Sri Hari asks Kota Srinivas Rao for evidence. So dear opposition leaders beware of the CM KCR’s statement. . Think twice before making allegations.

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