KCR’s strategy works out at Amaravathi!

KCR at Amaravathi

Has Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao gone to attend the foundation laying ceremony of the new capital of Andhra Pradesh state with a strategy? Has he succeeded in implementing his strategy? The answers to these questions seems to be yes if reliable sources are to be believed. According to sources, KCR’s presence at the venue has helped him score four  important victories. The first victory is that KCR’s presence at the venue put a check on his detractors and opponents of the Telangana from making any statement against KCR and the newly formed state.

The second victory isthat KCR was able to prevent Prime Minister Narendra Modi from making any announcement in favor of the AP state. Sources add that the PM could not announce any special package or incentive for the AP state as such announcement would have forced the PM to make a similar announcement in favor of Telangana state as well.

The third victory of KCR is that he was able to attract more attention than the AP CM Naidu at the venue. The people present at the venue have gone ecstatic whenever they heard KCR’s name. It appeared that KCR overpowered Naidu in attracting the crowd.

The fourth victory of KCR is that he was able to win the hearts of Andhra people settled in Hyderabad by attending the foundation stone laying ceremony. The sources add that KCR participation in the function would help him in the upcoming GHMC elections and help him get their the settlers’ votes. h


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