Keep your vehicles off at traffic signals to avoid death

Be Prepared

In a fresh revelation, it is found that keeping the engines of vehicles on at traffic signals and junctions would cause severe health problems among the commuters and vehicle riders including leading to their death. The revelation was made by a study conducted by state Pollution Control Board (PCB) According to the study, the state capital Hyderabad city has a total of 585 traffic signals and junctions. Of them 125 were found to be hub for huge amount pollution emissions. These traffic signals and junctions include Punjagutta, Madina, Dilsukhnagar, SR Nagar, Chaderghat and MJ Market. In another 210 traffic signals, the pollution levels are varying in nature from low to high and high to low depending on the different periods.

Keeping this in mind, the officials of the PCB and the state government are requesting the residents of Hyderabad to keep their vehicles in off mode when they stop at the traffic signals. They are adding that this would help them avoid serious health hazards including death.

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