NIMS Doc invents unique Platelet Separator

Dr. Shanmuga Swamy along with blood samples

Dr. Shanmuga Swamy along with blood samples

A doctor from the world famous Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) has invested a unique machine to separate crucial platelets from blood sample and use them for the treatment of deadly diseases like Dengue fever and Blood cancer. Dr. Shanmuga Swamy, a native of Mahabubnagar district has invented a unique Platelet Separator (SSPS) at the institute and separating 31 lakh platelets in a 60ml blood sample. Swamy began the experiments to invent the device in the yewar 2007 and conducted research till the year 2012.

The machine is completely different from the existing devices which cost are priced at Rs.30 lakh in the open market. However, the SSPS device invented by the NIMS doctor just cost Rs.3000 in the market. After collection of the blood sample from a donor, the device separates 31 lakh platelets in a span of one and half hour. Interestingly, conventional machines could be able to separate 15 lakh to 20 lakh platelets in span of 3 hours.

The device has also brought down the cost of one platelet unit. As against the prices in private hospitals, which charge anywhere between Rs.9,000 each per unit of platelets, the NIMS is charging a mere Rs.600 per unit.

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