Niramala Sitharaman’s shocker to BJP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s team member and union minister Nirmala Sitharaman pushed her own party, BJP, to a corner on Friday by stating that there was nothing wrong in wearing jeans and pants by women. The remarks of the union ministers shocked the BJP and its leaders who are trying to discourage women from wearing western outfits.

” It is completely outrageous to say that the women are being harassed because of their western outfits. There is nothing wrong in wearing jeans and pants. The rapes are not committed as the women are wearing jeans and other western outfits. There is no truth in it,” she said while addressing  the state level women convention of ABVP in Vijayawada.  She said that rapes were being committed on 60 years old women despite the fact that they did not wear jeans pant and t-shirt.  She advised the parents to also advice their sons in a similar manner as what they do with their daughters.  She also urged the people not to see women as a commodity and asked them to respect all the women. The union minister advocated the concept of complaints cell to receive complaints from women on their harassment in all the colleges of the country.


Nirmala Sitharaman

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