Ringing Bell sells Mobile at half of the announced Price!


It is a known fact that Smart Phone Manufacturer Ringing Bells has  created a record by announcing world’s cheapest smart phone for just Rs.251. But when it comes to reality, the announcement  is raising many doubts. According to the announcement the company should be technically very sound. But it seems it is  not. The company’s website allowed many citizens to book the  phone online at half of the announced price.  When you select  five  mobile phones  in the quantity column of the website, the price of the mobile comes down to half of its actual price to just Rs.125.5. This has shocked many.

There are already so many doubts on the claims of the company . Many are saying whether  the company in much hurry to get money from the people? After, so many half of the actual price  bookings, the company has now disabled the option. The website is not allowing others to change quantities now.

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