Sexy Diva Anushka Reveals her Success Secret

anuThe bombshell of South Indian Film Industry and Sultry actress Anushka Shetty has finally revealed the secret behind her success. The actor, who shot to fame with the portrayal of Arundathi character in superhit Arundathi movie, says that she choosy when it comes to opting for a particular movies and adopts a cautious approach before signing on any film. She adds that her selective approach in choosing a movie helped her achieve success in her career.  Anushka says that she goes through the movie scripts a lot and try relate herself with the charecter of the movie before giving her nod for any film.

The lanky actress also gives credit to all her director. She says she could not have achieved any success in her life had the directors she worked with so far did not recognize her acting prowess. She says that the directors not only reposed complete confidence in her but also gave her suitable characters to prove her talent.

Anushka is currently working in four movies-two in Telugu and two in Tamil languages.  Of the two Tamil films, she is paired opposite super star Rajnikanth in one movie. In the other movie, the actress is working with another versatile tamil actor Ajith, who has many hits to his credit.

The actor also has plans to act in some Bollywood movies and test her luck in coming days.


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