Swine Flue shudders Telangana

The deadly swine flue disease shuddered Mahbubnagar district of Telangana. The members of two families have been caught up with the disease and were admitted at district government hospital. The disease spread following the two members of a family went to returned from Tirupathi after visiting the famous temple. Later, the disease spread like wild fire as the other family members of the two persons were also developed similar symptoms. The news of swine flue spread like wild fire on Tuesday in the district as the affected family did not show interest to admit in the hospital for the treatment of the disease. The entire district administration sprang into action to take up necessary steps for preventing the spreading of the disease. Following directions from district collector, local officials in Mahbubnagar town went to the residence of the swine flue victims and urged them to take treatment. However, the members of the family continued to show their reluctance towards taking the treatment in the government hospital. Meanwhile, the officials of the state government also sprang into action and held a review meeting on the issue.

swine flue

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