TG Govt hits a master stroke on Striking Junior Doctors

logoTelangana State Government has found a panacea to the ongoing stir of junior doctors, demanding a ban on mandatory rural service. In novel move, the state government has decided to train RMP (Registered Medical Practitioners) and PMP (Private Medical Practitioners) with an objective to strengthen its rural health service. The RMPs and PMPs would be trained in basic aspects of medical treatment, clinical methods to be used to diagnose diseases and extension of medical services in emergency situations like heart attack, bleeding, fatal injuries.  According to the official figures of the state government, about 24 thousand RMPs and PMPs are working across all the villages of the Telangana state. Most of these practitioners do not possess practicing in the rural areas without obtaining any requisite qualification. Keeping this mind, the state government mulled with the idea of turning them into productive manpower by imparting necessary training.

According to the recommendations of the state Para-Medical Board, the state government has decided to impart 1000 hours of training for a period of one year. The training module suggested by the paramedical board consists of aspects like imparting of theory classes in any paramedical college and practical training classes in any corporate hospital. It also asks the state government to train all the RMPs and PMPs on how to undertake field visits in rural areas.

Although an attempt was made by the erstwhile Congress government in the undivided state of Andhra Pradesh to train 10 thousand RMPs and PMPs, the initiative could not achieve the desired objective as many practitioners abandoned the training programmes after attending the training classes. The fresh idea of the state government is to draw a batch of 50 practitioners to impart the training programme.


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